Why Don't we know when we will die?


Why did the Lord did not say in the Bible when we are going to die?


Dear friend,

There might be several reasons why.  The Bible would be huge if all the people's names and details of birth and death would have to be recorded.  Secondly, if He would tell you that you are going to die on September 9, 2045, how do you think would that improve your life?  I think you would be very careless and be entirely self-focused instead of mindful that you are here only briefly and that this life needs to be lived to His glory.   Notice what the absence of many deaths did to the first world (before the Flood).  Since so few people died (as they all became so old) there was very little impression of God and our purpose left.  The world became very evil.

Therefore it is better that we don't know when we are going to die but that it is possible that today it may the last day.  You might say, "That spoils my day as I dread dying."  Indeed, most people think that so they drown out the thought of dying by busily living, partying, amusing or simply denying the reality.  Others are frantically seeking to appease the anger of God they may feel in their heart because of their sins.  Such focus on pleasing Him to earn His favor.  That's also a dead-end street because we can never earn God's favor.  The only way that the dread of death can be taken away, which also enables us to truly enjoy each day that God gives us, is to be reconciled with God through faith in Jesus Christ.  Paul, the apostle, knew that death was going to be gain for him, instead of loss.  The reason: because for him to live was Christ!  (Phil. 1)   John Mason commented, "Death for a Christian is putting of the rags for robes"!
God hides the exact date of your death so that you will use each day to be prepared.  If you are not prepared today, it will not help you to be prepared if you would know when you would die.  It would only make you careless and procrastinate. Therefore death will be terrible for him who doesn't die daily in his thoughts.  In other words, when we don't live consciously knowing that this could be our last day, than we live very unprepared.

Someone remarked, "Though you may have been nearer death (in your own understanding; because of a close accident) than you are now;  yet it is certain death was never so near to you as it is now!"   So let us think of death not as though we were living but as though we were dying, for that is actually the reality.

Am I morbid (i.e. preoccupied with death)?  Far from it.  I enjoy each day as I receive it from the Lord.  He calls me to use this day for His glory and for the service of those around me.  I must focus on what is right and may enjoy the things He gives us so richly and abundantly.  Still, it is good and profitable to remain mindful (and God surrounds us with those reminders) that we are not here to stay forever.


Pastor Vergunst