Why do you preach infant baptism?


Why do you preach infant baptism? You say it comes in the place of circumcision, but how? Wasn't that all done away with?

Baptize, in Greek translation, actually means immerse. Romans 6:4. It is a picture of being buried with Him in baptism and raised in newness of life. No where in the Bible can I find where there is an example of infant baptism. Acts 8:35-37. How could a infant possibly believe with all their heart? Philip preached to the Eunuch about Jesus and the
Eunuch believed and was baptized. It is an act of faith.


Hello Emily,

My answer is referring you to a three-series of sermons I preached recently on this subject. After having listened to them, I will gladly answer any further questions on this subject.

You can find the sermons presently on www.sermonweb.org and I preached them around July 2014.

Pastor Vergunst