What are we permitted to do with our tithed money?

Question: Hi Pastor, I have a question about tithing. I have read the question and answer about tithing on gross vs. net income. My question is, what are we permitted to do with this tithed money?  Do we have to give it all in the church sack on Sunday, or can we give it to charities, a friend in need, taking someone out for a coffee and talk, or even in your own savings account for something that is really needed.  Thanks, Jessica

Hello Jessica,

Sorry for the tardy response.  I don't know what happened to my first answer that I passed on but I think somehow it go lost.
The 'tithed money' is by God reserved in the OT to be brought to the temple.  This was to supply the priesthood but also to supply for the poor.  The poor and needy were administered through the priesthood, or at least, that is how it was intended.
Today the deacons fulfil that task and we see in Acts that the member brought their gifts toward the apostles or leaders of the church. Later that was distributed by the appointed deacons.

Does that mean that all the tithed money needs to go to the church? I don't know whether that is necessary.  The lion share of your tithes should go to the church you are part of so that all the expenses of the church are to be taken care of.  However, there are other avenues of Christian ministry that need our financial support. These ministries
do reach other poor and needy people and therefore do fulfil the task of a form of deaconry.

To use God's money to take a friend out for a social time is not something that fits in the tithing. First of all, this is a social ministry rather than the supply for a real need.  Besides, you are using the tithing money for yourself as I don't imagine you sit there not
drinking your coffee.
To place the tithing money into your own savings account is not right. It is God's money and every part of it He expect you to give to Him and His cause.  Read Malachi 3 again.  He promises to open the windows of heaven when we faithfully return the 10 % that is His. Never have I experienced God to fail this promise.  The expression of 'windows of
heaven' is only used twice in the Bible to indicate abundance.  God has assured that He will supply all our needs when we honor Him in obedience and faith.

I cannot repeat enough the truth that this is God's money and we are to 'rob Him' as Malachi so vividly expressed.


Pastor Vergunst