List of classic books


In regards to your sermon on “Discipline on Learning", you mentioned “religious classic" books, can I get a list of these books?



I went through the shelves of my library to select a few of the "religious classics." Some are harder to read than others but with practice, any sound mind should be able to master reading the Puritan authors.  Here is suggested list.

- Archibald Alexander: Religious Affections

            ♦ very useful book in speaking to the many questions surrounding the spiritual
               struggles and variety of leading in the life of grace;  very readable with useful
               anecdotal illustrations.

- Joseph Alleine, Alarm to the Unconverted

            ♦ Alleine really pressed the point that we shouldn’t delay coming to Christ

- Isaac Ambrose: Looking unto Jesus

            ♦ a precious volume of mediations about the work of Christ and how it should

               affect us;  a gem for daily devotion

- Horatius Bonar: The Way of Peace and The Way of Holiness

            ♦ both volumes ought to be read for the balance of the whole truth

- Brakel: The Reasonable Service (4 vol.)

            ♦ Brakel’s systematic theology is unique in that it masterfully makes the doctrines
               of Scripture spiritual nourishment. Not every part of each chapter needs to be
               read by the layman as Brakel also wrote to instruct instructors.  He spent pages
               on defending certain doctrines, exposing errors and answering objections. That
               can be tedious and can be skipped if you are looking for spiritual instruction of
               your soul.

- Thomas Brooks: A Poor Doubting Christian Drawn to Christ

            ♦ precious remedy for a fearful soul seeking for salvation

- Thomas Boston:  Human Nature in Its Fourfold State and Beauties of Boston
            ♦ both excellent;  the “Beauties” is the cream of his writings; highly recommended

- John Bunyan: Pilgrim’s Progress;  Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ; etc.

            ♦ any of John Bunyan’s writings are good;  John Owen heard him preach and would gladly
                give all his learning to preach like John Bunyan.  His grasp of Scripture is superb.  

- John Calvin: Institutes of Christian Religion

            ♦ This book looks impressive but is surprisingly readable.  It is a gem and well worth your effort.

- Jonathan Edwards: His Collected Works; Religious Affections

             ♦ Edwards is a challenge to read but well worth any effort

- John Flavel: The Fountain of Life, Method of Grace, Christ Knocking

            ♦ Flavel is easy to read;  his collected works are well worth searching.

- William Guthrie: The Christian’s Great Interest

            ♦ beautiful book in explaining God varied ways in leading His people to salvation

- John Owen: The Forgiveness of Sin

            ♦ Mostly rooted in Ps. 130, this book sets forth so much beautiful Gospel teaching
                and sheds tremendous light upon the way of the Gospel.

 - A. Pink: The Attributes of God

            ♦ Though Pink isn’t an official “old father” his writings are searching and meaty. 
               I found his book on God very refreshing and challenging.

- J. C. Ryle: New Birth; Holiness;  Expository Thoughts on the Gospels;  Old Paths
            ♦ J. C. Ryle had the gift of writing simply about great and important truths. If you
                are not much of a reader, begin with Ryle.   His expository thoughts make
                wonderful daily devotion in the family circle

- Thomas Watson: Heaven Taken by Storm

            ♦ This book is a powerful exhortation to seek the Lord.  Anything of Watson is
                well worth reading.  He is one of the easier Puritans to read as his sentences
                tend to be shorter than some of his fellow brothers.  I love his Body of Divinity
                It is “catechism style” book covering the whole of truth with question and
                answers, many of them very pastoral and experiential.
Well, this is for a starter.  May God bless the reading to your heart.


Pastor Vergunst