Is it right to have unconverted consistory members?


Is it all right if a church has consistory members who are unconverted?


Hi Mark,

According the Scriptural guidelines, all consistory members should be men of God, believers in the Lord Jesus.  How else can they represent Him in the various offices if they don't have a saving relationship with the Lord Himself.  When you read 1 Tim. 3:1-13 you cannot come to a different conclusion.  In Acts 6 the apostles appointed deacons who were filled with the Spirit.   It is sign of incredible poverty when a church needs to put into office men who aren't confessing their hope and salvation in the Chief Office Bearer, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Yet that may at times be how low a church gets.  In reality there aren't always men who have the grace and skill to lead in the offices within the church. If that's the case, then sometimes there is no other choice but to put forward the names of them who are members in good standing but have not the liberty or clarity regarding their personal salvation. 
However, these people ought to show a seriousness about their spiritual life.  Men who are 'just members of a church in good standing' but who do not at all appear to take their spiritual condition serious should never be placed on the ballot for offices within the church of the Lord.

I leave you with a question:  is it right for anyone to be unconverted? 
To be unconverted is disobedience to the call of God!

Pastor Vergunst