How to profit from the Word of God


A few years ago on a youth camp you had a topic on daily meditation. You supplied us with a list of questions that you should try to answer after reading a piece of scripture. This would assisting reading and remembering what we read. I have lost the questions since then. Could you post them on the website?


Dear friends,

Below the requested questions.  You can print them off and make them into a bookmark. Indeed, it is very good exercise to seek to answer these questions.  I am leading at the moment a Bible study on the prophet Nahum in which I am going to use this approach as a practical illustration.  You can listen to these topics as they will be listed on our website.

Profiting From the Word of God


  1. What does God reveal of Himself in this portion? How should I respond to that?
  2. How does this portion reveal something I should praise or thank or trust God for?
  3. What sins does this portion speak of, illustrate, warn against?  Are those sins in my life?
  4. How does this portion reveal something of the Lord Jesus Christ? What does He mean to me?
  5. What promises does God state here?  To whom are these promises addressed?   What must I do with such promises?
  6. What inspiring example – warning example does Holy Spirit set before me?  How can I obtain – avoid this?

Reading and meditation are the parents of prayer!

Pastor Vergunst