How do I get rid of an internet addiction?


How do I get rid of an internet addiction?


Dear friend,

With any addiction, at least in my former experience with smoking, it doesn’t seem to work to limit yourself to ‘some slots’ of time when you allow yourself to be involved in the activity you are addicted to.  In your case of ‘internet addiction’ the easiest is to get rid of the internet so that the temptation isn’t there for you.  This is even more important when you live alone and therefore has no accountability.

If that is not possible, for various legitimate reasons, I suggest that you need to establish an accountability system where each day you are going to be in touch with someone about this issue.  If your problem is ‘time waste’ then you need to establish what is a reasonable amount of time to be on the internet.  Each day you need to give account about that to the person with whom you have made the agreement and establish consequences about your choices, both positive and negative.

If your problem isn’t only time but content of the internet sites, then in some sense the same agreement of accountability and supervision needs to be made.  But depending on what you are addicted to, you may need special counseling to deal with the addiction and above all with the sin-issues.

For, lastly, the addiction problem is above all a sin issue.  Both in time and content we can waste what God gives and walk into areas that God has clearly forbidden.  To give a few thoughts and suggestions from this place looks simplistic and therefore I suggest you get into touch with the people in your church that can help you.  It is important to be open with them and seek their help in a genuine way.

In conclusion, only God can truly change our heart so that the sin-addictions will be broken and we come to a complete repentance of that which we have done wrong.  Seek Him therefore together with the use of the means in those God has placed around you: parents, spouse, spiritual leaders etc.


Pastor Vergunst