Is everyone allowed to trust in God? Or saved people only?


I was wondering if you could tell me some more about trust in God? It is not quite clear for me whether everybody is allowed to trust God or is that only for God's children? And is an not-convicted person able to trust God in a right way? I look forward to your reply.


Dear Olivia,

Let me begin with the last part of your question.  Nobody is able to trust in God in the right way.  Unbelief reigns within our heart as a power which controls us.  Bunyan refers to unbelief as Captain Unbelief holding supreme sway over fallen man soul!  This supported for example by Paul's words in 1 Cor 12:3, "Wherefore I give you to understand ... that no man can say that Jesus is the Lord but by the Holy Ghost."  So we need the Holy Spirit to enable us to put our trust in Him for trusting is an act of faith which we are impossible to do exercise with God's Spirit.

But our inability isn't our excuse.  When the Lord calls us to believe (which is to put our trust in Him) He doesn't make that an advise or suggestion but a command.  Our inability doesn't take away His demand but brings us into a spiritual bind.  "Without faith (trust) it is impossible to please God" but we cannot believe in our own strength (Eph. 2:8).  This impossibility from our side should not drive us to despair, though it may feel like that.  It should drive us on our knees in prayer crying to the Almighty to work in us what we cannot work in our own heart.  Hasn't He promised, "Call upon my in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me." (Ps. 50:15) What a day of trouble is it when we can't trust in God!  Do you see it that way also?  Isn't it then a wonderful encouragement that God stoops down to us in such a promise?

Now your last question: is everybody allowed to trust God? Oh, my friend, let me ask you a question.  Am I allowed to trust you?  Am I allowed to trust my father or mother when they promise something even though I am unworthy or undeserving or untouched by their love?  I am sure your answer would be "No, I am still allowed to trust them."  So you are wrong for not trusting God.  When God speaks "Trust in him at all times: ye people, pour out your heart before Him: God is refuge for us" must I read that as saying, "Ho, ho, only people who are the Lord's people are allowed to pour out their heart before God!" Or, "Only the Lord's people are allowed to pray!"  If you don't agree with those two last statements, then you have answered your own question.  All people are allowed to trust in God at all times!  The problem is that most don't trust in Him at any time! But that is not because God didn't invite or call or encourage them.  It is because they refused to do it.

May the Lord enable you to place all your trust for body and soul, for time and eternity on Him Who is so trustworthy.  Never has the Lord broken any of His promise.  Be like the man who answered Jesus question in Mark 9, "If thou canst believe [trust Me], all things are possible to him that believeth" with "Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief."  And that's exactly what the Lord Jesus did.

Pastor Vergunst