Election and God's promises


After listening to your sermon about election on 11-4 I am a bit puzzled. Doesn't Jesus promise that those who seek Him early shall find Him? But if you are not elected how can He than fulfill this promise?


Hi Jacob,

Yes, Jesus has indeed promised that and will keep His promise. God points out our duties in His Word and calls us, invites, allures and seek us even long before we seek Him. (John 4:23). The reason that there is any hope for any of us to seek Him with confidence is because salvation is completely a gift of His sovereign grace. God reveals a glimpse of His secret will from all eternity in the Scripture. In that glimpse we discover that He has predestinated from all eternity. Who that will be is not known to any of us. But the rest of the Scripture is God's revelation of His will for our life as well as His promises toward us. We are to give heed to that part of His will.  He promises that those who seek Him shall find Him.

Compare it to a house. There is door that gives access to all the beautiful benefits of being in the house. That door is Christ and He is through His Word calling you to enter into the house of 'salvation.' The foundation of this house is God's sovereign election.  Without that foundation not only there would be no house but also nobody would come into that house.  Now our focus must not be on the 'foundation' but on the door of the house and how to enter into it.

God's sovereign election of sinners is the only hope for us sinners.  If we have to qualify or make ourselves somewhat worthy, there would be no hope for any of us.  Even if it was dependent on our seeking, again, there would be no hope.  We are depraved and as Paul said in Rom.3, "... there is none that seeketh after God."  God makes us seeking and God leads us in our seeking till we become finders.   The comfort (election) doesn't cancel our duty (to seek).  But it encourages us to seek Him.

Pastor Vergunst