Concerning the sermons on the law of love


Concerning your sermons on the law of love; maybe you covered this and I didn't understand; can a person weak IN faith ,such as a babe in grace, be strong in THE faith, if so how, and vise versa, can one strong IN faith ,or one led farther, be weak in THE faith if so how? Thank you.


Excellent question. In the sermon discussion after the evening service last night, two questions were asked that deserve more attention.

  1. Is the 'babe in grace' necessarily the 'weak in the faith?'  Or can those who are 'babe in grace' be strong in the faith (understanding the Gospel) while yet struggle with assurance or have an immature faith?
  2. Also the question whether one 'strong in the faith' may have areas in his life/conscience where he can be 'weak in the faith?

Your questions are similar.

I am going to meditating and praying about these questions and will try to include it into next week Sunday's (12th May) evening sermon as I hope to preach once more on this portion of God's will.
As always I covet your prayers that the Holy Spirit may guide me in these studies.

Pastor Vergunst