Can we still listen to your sermons once you are in the States?


Hello, I just read the page "Question about listening to sermons online."

So maybe you can upload the sermons when you are in your new congregation to the Prekenweb site? I always listen to your sermons and sermons on that site, and it would be sad to not have those anymore.

The Lord bless you when you move to USA.

Greets from
Nagy Annamaria
Romania (Europe)


Hello Nagy Annamaria,

I will do my best for I consider all the listeners part of my ministry and it would be difficult to leave you all 'stranded.'
May the Lord bless you in Romania.  What a blessing that you can in this manner still be part of a church with a Gospel ministry.  I have no idea what the situation in Romania is but we know that God has His Church in all the world.

May the Lord bless you and yours richly.

Pastor Vergunst