Administering Communion to known unbeliever


It is the elder's and minister's responsibility to abstain from administering communion to a known unbeliever. Jesus gave Judas of the sup. Please explain.


Hi Jack,

It is a bit questionable whether Jesus actually gave the cup to Judas; I can't decide whether he actually partook or not but perhaps it doesn't matter for us to know.  However, if I knew that a man is an unbeliever (either because he confesses himself to be so or if his life is clearly contrary to God's law) I would not dare to take the responsibility to administer the sacrament to him or her. According to Matt. 18 a person living in sin needs to be under discipline and that effectively rules him out of the privilege of communion.  To be a confessed 'unbeliever' is also sin.  So, yes, I am convinced it is the elder's responsibility to exclude such a person from the communion.

Pastor Vergunst