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Even though pastor Vergunst is now moved to the USA, he is still very willing to continue answering your questions. Please visit the question page on the NRC Waupun website where you can submit your questions.

What does it mean to seek the Lord?    NEW!

What are we permitted to do with our tithed money?

Do you ever wonder how our modern churches compare to the early church?

Why do you preach infant baptism?

Is saying "O my Goodness" and "O my Word" taking God's name in vain? 

Are people converted in the same way they were years ago?  

Two Doubts about assurance and sin

What's a Christian way to teach little children about death?  

What does following Jesus mean to you?

Do I have to forgive the boy who abused me for years?

Why is it that churches are full of historical believers?

How do we Glorify God and enjoy Him Forever?

Question about Hebrews 12 v 5 and 6

The more I hear and see within our churches

Question about tithing.  

Where do we draw the line with our children having worldly friends?  

Can we still listen to your sermons once you are in the States?

What happens with the soul of an aborted baby?

Musical Instruments in the Worship service

Why is it harder for ministers to preach today than it used to be?

Is there a problem with using physical self-punishment?

Question about listening to sermons online.

Question about Philippians 1:6

At which point were the disciples saved?

Concerning the sermons on the law of love

Conversion: The Gospel-way vs. Law-way    

Praying to God: with Thee or You?

A question regarding Lord's Supper attendance

Is it common to tell the minister that you appreciated a sermon?

What is a Biblical view of Fasting today?

John the Baptist rebuking Herod

What does it mean to fear the Lord?

Essential and Nonessential things in Conversion

Is everyone allowed to trust in God? Or saved people only? 

Can a couple get married in church if one is not a member? 

What is the point of doing good? 

Can someone be forbidden to attend the Lord's Supper?

Burial or Cremation


Unbiblical vs. Biblical Parenting

Immortality of the soul in the OT

Divorce and remarriage

Will there be recognition in heaven?

Difference between knowing Jesus and accepting Jesus

Living sober as a Christian

Biblical guidance on makeup

How to profit from the Word of God

Women's head covering in the worship service

If someone is divorced, is it right for them to get re-married?

The use of contraceptives for married couples with children

Will everyone be converted who asks to be converted?

Is it right to have unconverted consistory members?

Is it right for a newly-wed couple to use contraception?

Does it have to be Jesus Who is made lovely?

Administering Communion to known unbeliever

Hopelessness in Salvation

The Salvation of infants or young children

I cannot find the "total depravity" in me!

How can you tell difference between heart and mind?

How do you know for sure that you are saved?

Is it possible for a person like me to be saved?

How could Judas be appointed to preach the Gospel?

There are many sick people. Is God angry with us?

Does God answer the prayers of the unsaved?

God's care for His Church in the dark ages

Women to be submissive.

The Trinity

How do I get rid of an internet addiction?

Differences in Reformed Churches.

Conscience Issues

The Love of God

Why Don't we know when we will die?

How does a calling for the ministry come?

Why congregations?

How to deal with prejudices

Problems about the Lord's supper

Circumcision vs Baptism

Election and God's promises 

How to put your mind on the Word of God.

Eating With Sinners

Suitable dress sense


Difference between Samson and Muslim extremist?

List of classic books


Why not to build an altar from hewn stone?

What is the background for the "leprosy laws"?

Women's Clothing



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