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"Satan trembles when he sees the weakest saint upon their knees. ... William Cowper"



Keeping His Ways

Wait on the Lord, and keep His ways, and He shalt exalt thee to inherit the land.
Ps. 37:34

If we want to find a man we are longing to meet, we inquire about the places where he might be found and the ways to get there.  When waiting on God, we need to be very careful that we know and keep His ways; without these we never can expect to find  Him.  "Thou meetest him that rejoiceth and worketh righteousness; those that remember Thee in Thy ways"(Isa. 64:5). We may be sure that God can never be found except in His ways.  But there, by the soul who seeks and patiently waits, He is most surely to be found.  "Wait  on  the  Lord,  and keep His ways, and He shall exalt thee."

How close the connection between the two parts of the injunction. "Wait on the Lord" - that has to do with worship and attitude - "and keep His ways"- that deals with walk and work.  The outer life must be in harmony with the inner; the inner must be the inspiration and the strength for the outer. It is our God who has made known in His Word His ways for our conduct, and invites our confidence in His grace which influences the heart.  If we do not keep His ways, our waiting on Him can bring no blessing. The surrender in full obedience to all His will is the secret of full access to all the blessings of His fellowship.

Notice how strongly this comes out in the psalm. It speaks several times of the evildoer who prospers in his way, and calls on the believer not to be disturbed.  When we see men around us prosperous and happy while they forsake God's ways, and ourselves left in difficulty or suffering, we are in danger of first fretting at what appears so wrong, and then gradually yielding to seek our prosperity in their path. The psalm says, "Fret not thyself " (v. 1); "Trust in the Lord, and do good"  (v. 3); "Rest  in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him'' (v. 7); "Cease from anger, and forsake wrath" (v. 8); "Depart from evil, and do good" (v. 27); "The Lord forsaketh not His saints" (v. 28);  "The righteous shall inherit the land" (v. 29); "The law of his God is in his heart; none of his steps shall slide" (v. 31). And then follows (the admonition occurs for the third time in the psalm) " Wait on the Lord, and keep His ways."  Do what God asks you to do; God will do more than you can ask Him to do.

Let no one give way to the fear: “I cannot keep His ways”. It will rob you of every confidence. It is true you do not have the strength to keep all His ways. But surrender yourself willingly and trustingly to God. Give your whole being to Him without reserve and without doubt; He will prove Himself to you, and work in you that which is pleasing in His sight through Jesus Christ.  Keep His ways as you know them in the Word. Keep His ways, as nature teaches them - in always doing what appears right. Keep His ways as providence points them out. Keep His ways as the Holy Spirit suggests. Do not think of waiting on God while you say you are not willing to walk in His path.  However weak you feel, only be willing, and He who has worked to will will work to do by His power.

"Wait on the Lord, and keep His ways." It may be that the consciousness of shortcoming and sin makes our text look more like a hindrance than a help in waiting on God.  Don’t let yourself think that way. We said more than once that the starting point and groundwork of this waiting is utter and absolute powerlessness.  So come with every temptation you feel in yourself, every memory of unwillingness, unwatchfulness, unfaithfulness, and all that causes your unceasing self­condemnation.  Put your trust in God’s omnipotence, and find in waiting on God your deliverance.  Your failure  has been owing to only one thing: you sought to conquer and obey in your own strength. Come and bow before God until you learn that He is the God who alone is good, and alone can work any good thing.  Believe that in yourself, and all that nature can do, there is no true power.  Be content to receive from God each moment of the day the in working of His mighty grace and life, and waiting on God will become the renewal of your strength to run in His ways and not be weary, to walk in His paths and never faint. “Wait on the Lord, and keep His ways” will be command and promise in one.

by Andrew Murray



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